Covid-19 Update: A Message from our Founders

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A Message From Our Founders

Dear Ora community,

These are certainly unprecedented times surrounding COVID-19. 

We wanted to update you on the steps Ora is taking to support you, our community, during this period.


Our Team

Our Ora team members will be working remotely for the foreseeable future so that we can focus on the health and wellness of our team, friends, families, and customers.

We don’t expect any interruptions in our ability to continue to provide the plant-based nutritional products that you know and love, and our customer support and experience will proceed as normal.



We have been experiencing a significant increase in demand for our immune-supporting products, and other staples like plant protein powder.

You may have seen the posts online about other companies hiking up prices in order to profit off of this emergency; this is wrong and not a behavior we will ever engage in.

Instead of ratcheting prices upward, we are going to do the opposite.

We will be offering a temporary 15% price reduction on all of the immune-supporting items on our website.

This list includes our:

  • Trust Your Gut, Probiotic Capsules
  • Trust Your Gut, Probiotic Powder
  • Sol Food, Vitamin D Tablets
  • Beyoutiful, Capsules - containing the organic algae extracts astaxanthin and fucoidan and essential b vitamins.
  • Good as Gold, Organic Golden Milk Powder - containing turmeric, black pepper, ginger, and reishi mushroom.
  • You’re Golden, Organic Turmeric Tablets
  • Easy Being Green, Organic Greens Powder
  • Break it Down, Digestive Enzymes Powder
  • You’re a Knockout, Sleep and Stress Support Capsules - because, well, we’ve had a difficult time sleeping lately and I’m sure we’re not alone.
  • So Lean & So Clean, Plant-based Protein Powder - while it’s not directly immunity related, we will also be applying the temporary price reduction so that it’s easy for you to maintain your plant protein intake.



We’re exploring all options to increase production and inventory to help keep our products in stock during this period. Other than us working to make more products and make them faster, nothing about our operations will be impacted. Our best-in-class quality control means our products are always third-party lab tested for pathogenic bacteria, allergens, and more.


Account Management Support for You

Many of you have family and friends traveling back home and bunkering down with you. 

We’ve been receiving requests to tailor monthly subscriptions to account for additional people you’re caring for or hosting. 

We will make ourselves available to help you adjust your subscriptions to account for your needs. And, as has always been our policy, we will make it seamless for you to pause, cancel, or adjust any items in your subscriptions as your product needs fluctuate.  

You can reach us here


Recipes and Fitness Guides to Make Your Life Easier

While you’re self-isolating, you might as well enjoy some daily protein pancakes

We are going to ramp up the recipe content in our online Ora Recipes Magazine. If you’re staying at home, then keeping things fresh, interesting, and nutritious will help support your immunity (and sanity). We promise to make it so that you never get sick of making smoothies, no matter how long this lasts. 

If you’re like our team, you may also be looking for ways to exercise at home. As our community members come up with any creative exercise activities to do at home, we’ll be sure to post them on our Instagram.


What’s Next

If you have any special requests for how we can be of service to you during these difficult times, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 

Just please don’t ask us why all the toilet paper is gone. That’s something we may never be able to explain, so we’ll stick to what we know best: nutrition.  

This will pass, and hopefully soon. In the meantime, our support goes out to everyone impacted by COVID-19, the common flu, and any other viruses, illnesses, or ailments that impact the lives of people daily. Better wellness is a lifelong pursuit and our mission is to support you on that journey, both during and outside of crisis situations like this.



The Ora Founding Family (Will, Erica, Sebastian, Ron)

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