Why Eat Organic? Meet Monsanto

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Why Eat Organic? Meet Monsanto

eat organicWhy you should eat organic

Monsanto is an agriculture biotech company with a focus in agrochemicals, genetically modified seeds and pesticides. Their accomplishments are lengthy, but that doesn’t mean their actions are based on ethics...

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Raise your hand if you’ve read the recent New York Times article about Monsanto’s “legislative gift.” If not, chances are you’ve heard the following words buzzed about : “PCBs,” “pesticides,” “organic.” Right? For some, these words may be isolated terms with their own individual baggage, but when tied to Monsanto the dots connect quickly. We’re going to spell out the importance of these words, how they’re connected and what it means for your physical health. And yes, it will all boil down to reasons why you should grow, buy and eat organic. (Would you expect any less from us?)


It was recently exposed that the House of Representatives passed a chemical safety bill that had a special little clause letting biotech giant Monsanto off the hook for any lawsuits that were thrown its way regarding PCBs. We’ve seen it before--a big company given a pass by the government--but the implications of this legislation give Monsanto an advantage while the environment and its human inhabitants get off a little less lucky (read “less lucky” as “sickly with life threatening diseases.”)