9 Tips for Navigating Thanksgiving as a Vegan

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9 Tips for Navigating Thanksgiving as a Vegan

navigate thanksgiving vegannavigate thanksgiving vegan

Thanksgiving is a time of giving thanks and eating until your belt pops. But what if you're vegan?

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The holidays are all about food (or so I've been told). The problem is...they might not be about your food. (One turkey-centric holiday, in particular, comes to mind here.)

So what's a plant-based individual to do? Below we've outlined our favorite tips and tricks for surviving Thanksgiving as a vegan. 

    1. Host your own! Really the only surefire way to guarantee that everything is vegan-friendly is to do the dang thing yourself. Plus here's an opportunity to show all your carnivorous friends just how tasty plant-based food is! If you're at all intimidated by the idea of creating an entirely vegan Thanksgiving menu we've got your back with an entire month of vegan only Thanksgiving-inspired recipes. From Cheezee kale dip (because appetizers are life), to maple roasted brussels sprouts, cornbread, stuffing, gravy, vegducken and of course PIE - we've seriously got it all.

    2. Talk to your host. Not down with cooking it all yourself? We don't blame you. But it's important that you let your host know of your dietary restrictions. No need to make a big deal out of it, they're probably stressed enough as it is at the thought of entertaining/pleasing all their prospective guests, but a little heads up as to why you'll be declining their nosh will be appreciated. 

    3. Bring a dish - or two. Something savory and a dessert are always a fair bet. This is also a great way to set your host's mind at ease when you gently break it to them that you probably aren't going to eat anything that they cook. In fact, it may help to lead